About us

Our company, PS REMEMBER, has developed an exciting platform offering past, currently attending and future students in high school, college and university a unique social media experience.

PS REMEMBER is proud to say that  we have the largest and most comprehensive online database of schools worldwide. Our search engine lets you search more than 2.5 million schools in over 90 countries, allowing you to find friends from your past and make new friends throughout the world. 

Here is a small sample of the countries we offer: United States, Canada, England, India, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, Australia, Italy, France, Scotland, Jamaica, Argentina, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and many more....  

What makes PS REMEMBER so powerful is that it's totally free, unique and specific to students.  There are approximately 568 million students currently attending high school and about 207 million attending college or university. Our goal is to connect all the schools and students in the world by offering a PS REMEMBER account to every student in every country.

Never in the history of social media has there been a platform connecting students like PS REMEMBER.... Share you Pictures & Videos from other platforms. Post stories, send messages, group chat and much more.

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